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Hard carrycot or soft carrycot Checked: our carrcots


Their first months of life babies spend in their carrycot when out and about. Especially when your baby is still small and fragile protection is particularly important here. Parents are faced with a difficult choice – hard carrycot or soft carrycot? We would like to tell you the differences between the two systems, their features for your little baby and where they are able to support you as a parent.

ABC Design hard carrycot
Hard carrycotThe hard carrycot is is the preferred solution for many parents. Compared to the soft carrycot, it’s advantage is the big included sunshade. The spacious integrated sunshade of our carrycots offers your baby all times a shady, sheltered place. Disadvantages of this variant is the higher weight. The hard carrycot is part of the scope of delivery for the strollers Condor 4, Salsa 4, Viper 4 as well as optional for the twin/double pushchairs Zoom and Zoom Air.

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ABC Design soft carrycot
Soft carrycot  The flexible soft carrycot offers a similiar comfort as the hard carrycot. The light weight of the bag allows you to take your sleeping baby with you everywhere –out of the car, quickly into the apartment, without waking up your baby. Especially on long distances, the lower total weight is clearly noticeable. The soft carrycot is part of the scope of delivery for the strollers Turbo 4, Turbo 6 and Tereno 4.

Both systems have following comfort functions:

  • Optimal lying comfort

Sleep is important for your baby. With our carrycots, you can be sure that your baby finds relaxing sleep on the go.  A soft padded mattress, a completely flat position and optimum air circulation through ventilation slits in the carrycot base provide just the right conditions.

  • Easy handling

Once the stroller is moving, eyes get heavy. The clever designed adapter system (partially with colour indicator) allows the attachments to slide onto the pushchair, lock into place or be removed more or less by themselves. Carrying handle or loops and its pleasant weight make it easy for parents to safely carry the carrycot.

  • Flat-pack mode

Your baby will feel and enjoy the comfort of our carrycot on every stroll. Parents will find out how comfortable and convenient it is when moving it from place to place. It folds flat and reduces to the minimum quickly and easily. Even the adapters can be folded inwards or can be removed. It goes from big to really small in just a few simple steps, taking up very little space in any car.

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