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Our first Christmas together With these tips you will enjoy the first Christmas with baby

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The first Christmas is especially for young parents an exceptional event. Even the smallest of the little ones will notice this special atmosphere. For many parents the ideal reason to plan and prepare the perfect first Christmas party as a family. With these 7 tips you and your baby will enjoy the holidays.

  1. Good preparation is everything Hustle and bustle before Christmas automatically transfers to your baby. The best way to prepare is to have a structure! Make a plan which errands are still open, which food preparations must be made and how your home should be decorated. The more relaxed you are with all the organization, the better your baby will feel. Do not be overwhelmed, so that the first Christmas can take place in a harmonious, contented atmosphere.
  2. Do not forget to plan the holidays It’s not only Christmas eve that counts: consider early, what you and your family wants to do over the holidays – what processes are planned and when you are traveling with your baby. For the first party it might be better to invite your friends and family so that your baby does not have to cope with an unusual environment.
  3. No taste experiments The smaller the baby, the less it can handle new tastes. Little babies are very conservative about their nutrition. In the second half oft he first year there still should be the usual bottle or supplementary food. Even on Christmas.
  4. Family pictures on Christmas The Christmas party is ideal for some family pictures. You and your family will certainly like to remember the first Christmas as a family! Tip: Back up your digital pictures or movies on CD, an external hard drive or online at your Internet provider. This is how unique memories are permanently preserved.
  5. Gifts are a minor matter For your baby, the atmosphere and the experience around Christmas is the most important thing. Your baby will not yet understoo the value of a present. If friends and relatives still want to give your baby a present it would make sense to give soft and stuffed animals or age-appropriate toys. Never forget, less is more. One-year-olds can concentrate on a maximum of two or three things when playing. Everything else is too much.
  6. Do not expect too much Celebrate with realistic expectations. Your Baby will determine the rythm anyways – even on Christmas. The baby feels, whether you behave as usual or somehow the mood turns into the unnatural. Behave as usual – especially at Christmas. Of course you can start by introducing typical Christmas rituals. Whether a bell or making Christmas music and singing together. These impressions are already fascinating for babies.
  7. Keep an eye on safety Especially with a baby, there is a lot to consider in terms of safety. Toddlers and babies are curious by nature. A burning candle or a tree full of colorful ornaments are irresistible to children. Therefore, candles should always be placed out of the reach of the youngest. It is also important to place the Christmas tree in such a way that it can’t fall over.

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