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The dimensions check All folding sizes at a glance

For many parents buying a stroller is something extraordinary. Not only for families who loves to travel there are a lot of aspects to consider. When buying a pushchair one important decision criterion for most parents is the folding size.

Not every car boot offers enough space to transport a pushchair and elevators or a narrow staircase can become a challenge in day-to-day life. The folding size is a relevant key figure for parents. Check out our overview to compare folded dimensions of our pushchair range:


Not to forget: Besides the folding size of your stroller, there are a couple more features that allow you mobility when you love being on the move with your little one.

  • Reliable transport lock: Our integrated transport locks ensure an efficient, safe and comfortable transport of your pushchair.
  • Quick and easy folding: Folded down to it‘s minimum size in just two steps and unfolded again just as quickly.
  • Wheels easy to fit and detach: Installing the wheels is child’s play thanks to our blind fitting system.
  • Stroller weight: Lightweight materials significantly reduce the weight of your pushchair and make handling easy.


For more facts and figures about our pushchairs, visit our website:


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