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The Top 5 Stroller mistakes The top 5 misstakes you should pay attention to!

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A baby changes your whole life. Your stroller will be a reliable companion to you and your baby from your very first day together, whether you are out and about in the city or a park, on a shopping tour or on holiday. The perfect stroller should suit to your personal family life. But how can you find the right stroller? How do you know which model is perfect for the individual needs of you and your baby? We guide you through these questions and show you five mistakes you should avoid.


Don’t buy a stroller that doesn’t suit your lifestyle! 

Depending on the terrain on which you are traveling with your stroller, choosing the right tire is one of the most important points. The tires of strollers consist either of plastic, hard rubber or air-filled wheels.

At ABC Design, there are only foam-filled EVA or air-filled wheels part of the 2018 collection. In contrast to the plastic tires, driving on all-terain is for foam-filled wheels not a problem. However, if you are mainly in the woods and meadows, you should prefer to use air-filled wheels. The models Viper 4, Tereno 4 and the twin/double pushchair Zoom Air are fit for all ground in the forest, on country roads or in the countryside.


Mind the folding size!

Not every car boot offers enough space to transport a pushchair. It also makes a big difference whether you are living in a house with an elevator or a single-familiy house. All pushchairs can be folded up to save on space, but check first, what folding size your pushchair may not exceed. The Salsa 4 is quick and easy folded to a minimum.


How long do you plan to use it?

Are you searching for a stroller for the start and a buggy later? Or do you want a pushchair that grows with your child? Decide from the beginning what you plan to do. The perfect allrounder that can be used with a carrycot for newborns and offers the possibility to move on to the convertible seat unit in the toddler years.


Which functions do I need?

Determine a clear budget for your purchase and make a wish list of functions you need and you do not want to live without. Then you are able to compare the different pushchairs and find the best value for your money.


Don’t fix too much on the design

Of course it is important that you are happy with the look and style of your stroller. Keep your eyes open for your favourite colour and a child-oriented look. But never compromise on quality and safety. These should have priority over everything else.



In the end the decision to buy a stroller is not a taken in a few minutes. If you pay attention to all these points, you will have a good time with your stroller.

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