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Turn your stroller into a perfect travel system The adapter search is that simple!

Viper 4 with the carseat Hazel

Being out and about with a baby holds a lot of new challenges. With the right equipment it will be easier than you might expect! Parents can have a stressfree trip. The stroller can be quickly and easily turned into a travel system with just a few simple steps.

Whenever travelling by car is a part of your journey, simply take your car seat with you. The car seat can be mounted on all our strollers with just a few clicks, transforming the stroller into a travel system. This is not only practical, but also a great space-saver as you only have to stow the stroller chassis in the trunk of your car. You can enjoy ease of use while your baby will love the comfort. Thanks to the simple attachment mechanism, your baby won’t notice being moved from the car to the stroller and can continue sleeping without being disturbed.

Our large choice of adapters allows you to use different car seats and car carrycots in combination with your ABC Design pushchair. The type of adapter required, depends on your stroller model and the car seat brand. What this looks like in everyday life you can see in following overview:

Let’s go! Select the right adapter and off you go!


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